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My work is an extension of myself. I pride myself on creating the best possible image. I have shot over 100 amazing couples, photographed Nike's best athletes and even have a portrait series that showcases a vulnerable look into my subject. But with each project I take on, I put in my all to make sure that client is more than happy with what I deliver and is satisfied with every image.


Jeffrey Biri is a Photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Jeffrey has always had a passion in Skateboarding and all of the arts that came with skateboarding, from videography to photography. Skateboarding has taught Jeffrey to think outside the box and to have an open mind about everything.

Jeffrey’s passion for skateboarding has lead him to photography. He now does portrait, fashion, editorial, sport and lifestyle wedding photography.

Jeffrey Biri loves to take risks, has a unique vision and has his own style of photography. He pushes the limits of creativity and conceptualization.

Jeffrey keeps broadening his work in photography every time he picks up the camera.

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